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Rocky Heaven

I realised when I started this blog that I would never make the best reviewer.  A combination of being easily pleased, and a vocabulary of superlatives that doesn’t extend beyond “Amazing” and “Awesome” do not a good reviewer make.  I tend to keep the reviews to observations, but last night I saw something that I wanted to share with the world.  Something that deserves both of the words in my superlative vocabulary.

I saw the Rocky Horror show.  Again.  It was the fourth time I have seen the show live on stage, in the same theatre.  I’d even seen the same actor play Frank before.  David Bedella does not play Tim Curry playing Frank N Furter.  This is what I want to see.  I know this is wrong, but is this a play where actors should make the parts their own? When they have been played so definitively, on a video that I watched until it melted, once a week, all the way through my teens?

But I got over it.  The actor made me get over it.  His enthusiasm at being handed one of the most delicious parts in musical theatre was infectious.  He hammed it up in the right places, played it up in the right places, and played it down when it was needed, bringing nuances that I’d never noticed before.  It will always be Tim Curry’s part in my eyes, but David Bedella can have it part-time.

The rest of the cast were solid, my only small complaint being that Haley Flaherty’s Janet belted out “Superheroes” at the end like she was auditioning for Glee club, when it’s a sad song and she had just been thrown from a castle that had just blasted into outer space, after having had all of her values challenged and her relationship tortured, but that’s small potatoes really.  I liked Ceris Hine’s Columbia, taking the part to the ditzy airhead extremes.  Ainsley Harriot as the narrator was more hammy than a Spam factory, but it worked.

All was wonderful with the play, but we have yet to get to the BEST BIT.  As I was walking out for the interval, I spotted a rather familiar bald head, on top of a skinny body.  I started to hyperventilate.  It was…RICHARD O’BRIEN! I could not pass up the opportunity to meet him, and I did.  I shook him by the hand and thanked him for giving me Rocky Horror.  My favourite film of all time.  I told him how I watched it almost weekly through my teen years.  He told me he blamed the parents.  I’m sitting here with the worlds biggest grin on my face, and I don’t care that I must have come across as a sweaty, red faced gibbering fangirl, because last night I got to shake the hand of a hero.  And it was AMAZING and AWESOME.


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