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Yesterday, I tweeted this:



It was a throwaway comment, but it got me thinking.


I’ve never been cool. A desperate need to please people tends to do that. Cool people aren’t bothered what people think, are they? They just walk around, being cool. Not caring what others think about them. I’m the kind of person that apologises when my foot dares to be where someone else wants to put theirs. I’m not fashionable, I have no idea about what’s cutting edge or current when it comes to music and films. But I know what I like. I always have.


My mum and I were talking the other day about when I was a kid and my insistence that I watch the Rocky Horror Show once a week from the age of about ten.  The crux of the conversation was that I was probably never going to fit in.


And you know what? I was glad. I didn’t appreciate it at the time, but who does? When you’re a teenager, all you want to be is like everyone else. All I wanted to be was a grown up so that I could stop caring.


Turning 30 was fabulous for me because I could finally stop pretending that I was bothered about staying in on a Saturday night watching talent shows.


I still worry about what people think but I’ve realised something.


Although I’m not cool, I am unique. I am me and this is what me is about:


I’m useless at playing it cool. I still get excited when I see a celebrity, however minor.  Seriously, I once followed Rick Waller around HMV in Bromley for a ridiculous amount of time.


I own a High School Musical box set which I have watched more than once.


My top ten favourite bands probably haven’t changed in the last fifteen years.


I don’t watch the news, but I’m up to date on Hollyoaks.      


I actually do things like I said in the tweet above.


I think puns are hilarious.


I love that I can get to be scathing about television on the internet. It brings me great joy that people actually read it.


I don’t drink and I’m absolutely fine with that.


Oh and finally…


My favourite film is still Rocky Horror.


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